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Hidden on the rooftop with the night fading fast Glen again checked the poisoned tip of his heavy crossbow bolt. Glen knew the crossbow had poor range but he also was comforted by the fact the bolt would smash home to it's target killing his quarry. Down the road Glen could hear voices. Was it his target at last, or the city night watch going about their tasks. Controlling his breathing he waited as he saw two men round the corner. With a quite sigh Glen relaxed it was only the bumbling night watch. Glen shifted to a more comfortable spot and began his long wait. 

In the silence of the night, sounds seemed magnified. The braying of a cat could have well been a clarion. The scuttling of a rat, could have been mistaken for the roll of distant thunder However, Robin's footfalls were silent.

She gracefully, moved across the rooftops. Her stealthy footsteps could have well been those of a silent dancer as she glided over over the peaks and lurked in their shadows.

Amongst thieves and victims alike, she had gotten quite the reputation. Her daring and ability earned her much acclaim by those who practiced the more larcenous arts. Even her pursuers soon were overcome with almost a begrudging admiration for her.

She was a predator of sorts. She lived off the earnings of others. She was an artful scavenger, daring to brave the dens of many much more powerful than her to come back with a few shiny trinkets to keep her fed and clothed.

In the blackness of the night, her ears were her primary weapon, always seeking for signs of trouble. The night was fairly routine, scouring the rooftops, looking for a house that looked worthy of her intrusion. Not just in payment, but in challenge. However, this night would not be so routine.

As she gracefully glided past one of the chimneys, and prepared to leap from it's edge to the building across the narrow street, she heard a sharp twang alarmingly near. Her initial reaction was to jump and quickly, but the thought was too late. The poisoned bolt was lodged deeply in her side.

In the morning, she would be found, cold and broken upon the cobblestone streets below. The bolt would be gone and the guards would be baffled at the lack of evidence. Only one man, Glen, would know Robin had once crossed a powerful man in her past, and Robin would never know that had been her undoing.